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InaSAFE – 2012 Black Duck Open Source Rookies of the Year

I’m very happy today. Beside Internazionale got 4 new promising players, Mateo Kovacic, Zdravko Kuzmanovic, and Ezequiel Schelotto in the last 24 hours. I got news from Tim Sutton that InaSAFE become one of the winners of the 2012 Black Duck Open Source Rookies of the Year. This is a program is organized by Black Duck Software. You can read the details about this program here.

Am I happy? Of course. I’ve never known that there is some awards like this. I remember that I just “stumbled” joining this InaSAFE project. But by the time, I like it. I don’t think there will be prize or something else. I’ve felt very pleased to know that InaSAFE got this award and I’m one of the team behind it. I know, I haven’t done much thing, but still, I’m very pleased.

Open Source Rookie of the Year

Open Source Rookie of the Year

Open Source Rookie of the Year - Recipients

Open Source Rookie of the Year – Recipients

Thanks Black Duck !! Thanks InaSAFE team

If you want to know more about InaSAFE, you can visit one of these links below:


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InaSAFE 1.0

1 Desember 2012 1 komentar

After I graduated, I work for AIFDR to develop InaSAFE. What is it? InaSAFE is free software that produces realistic natural hazard impact scenarios for better planning, preparedness and response activities. This is an open source software, developed by developers around the world. From all (five) continents actually.

The latest InaSAFE’s version is 1.0. It’s launched in the 5th AMCDRR  (Asian Ministerial Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction) in Yogyakarta. InaSAFE was presented by Trevor Dhu from AIFDR. You can watch it here. And the other good news, our Indonesian President, SBY, came to our booth and got explanation about InaSAFE by Trevor Dhu also. You can watch it here.

Can I use InaSAFE? Of course. You can go to the website, and read the instruction. Or basically, just install QGIS (it’s free also) and fetch the plugin to get InaSAFE.

The other thing, if you want to look at the code, you can go to the github. And may be you can help us 🙂

My personal opinion. This is my first real job. And this is amazing. A big project (awesome developers, I learnt many things from them, I’m very lemcups, I’m new to everything in the project except the python thing and the programming) and I like it.

But of course, there are something I couldn’t get. Yeah, life is about choosing your path. As long as you can choose, be graceful.

PS : I write this post in English because I will take iBT next Saturday, and I haven’t studied.

PS II : Sorry, I can’t keep my word to post one post in a month. I got sick twice this semester. And another excuses.

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